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We have been designing websites since early 2000. I started reading books about making a website after starting a new business. I started asking people I knew about where to begin. Someone gave me a copy of Microsoft Front Page. This was the beginning of the web design journey. I tinkered and tinkered until I had something that resembled a working website. It's been a fluid process ever since. Eventually, Microsoft made a decision to discontinue support for the Front Page deign suite so a decision was made... Time to go with Dreamweaver. Since Dreamweaver was, and still is the benchmark by what all other website building software is compared to, it turned out to be a good choice. There is still much debate about what software produces the best results. It depends on your experience and what your desired result is. The Creative Suite offering from Adobe contains the best solutions that produces valid code mark up compatible with most of the world. Word Press and several other web design softwares have allot to offer the general novice. You lose several flexibilities offered by Professional Grade web design software. Long story short, we use industry standard software for every website we create. Give us a chance and I know you will find value in our experience and flexibility. We realize that every project is different, and each Customer has different goals. This is why we do not have a standard price for building your website. Contact us with your needs and give us a try for your next website project.

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