Domain Name Registration  

Every website has a domain name "" Every Domain Name is required to be registered with ICAN. This is the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Long story short, ICANN makes sure there can be only ONE OWNER for each Domain Name. This prevents people from hijacking your Domain Name and using it for themselves. Since there is a governing body that administers this process, there are fees. Normally, the Domain Name Registration is an annual fee. We offer Domain Name Registration Administration packaged with our Hosting Plan. What this means to you is... We handle it. We register your Domain Name. Keep track of the administration and renewals and make sure your Domain Name points to the correct Hosting Server. Yes, believe it or not, there is some work involved in keeping everything working correctly with your Domain Name. Some people choose to have several Domain Names that all point to the same server for various reasons. We can do this for you also. We charge $25 per Domain Name per year. This covers ICANN fees and our administration to keep everything working properly.

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