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Web Hosting is an important part of your website. Web Hosting is another name for the service of keeping your website on our server. Think of your website as a car. The Web Hosting plan is the garage you store it in. Every time someone calls for your website on the Internet, your Domain Name is programmed to search for an IP address. the IP address on your Domain Name should point to the server address that your website is hosted at. The server, or HOST sends back the information that is stored to the user and your website is displayed on their computer. Each page of your website is stored on the server. Every time a link on your website is clicked, the server answers back with the corresponding information. We have a Virtual Dedicated Server. What does this mean for you? This translates into better service, faster speeds to end users delivering the information from your website in the most efficient manner. Hosting with Go Daddy and other type SHARED resources puts your website into a virtual POOL of websites on the same server. Your relatively small website could be competing with LARGE CORPORATE type websites sucking the resources from every one else. Each server is in essence just like the computer your using to view this page. It has limited resources like storage space and RAM "Random Access Memory" to work with. Just like your computer, if you have too many things opened at the same time, your performance bogs down. Same with a shared Server. You never know how many other websites are sharing your resources and competing for bandwidth. Our Virtual Dedicated Server ONLY SERVES US. We have complete control over how resources are allocated and have the ability to make adjustments as additional resources are needed. The main thing to remember here is flexibility and scalability. We are flexible because we can change how resources for the server effect your individual website. We are scalable because we have the ability to upgrade resources as needed if required. Our server is never overloaded with too many websites. Our State of the Art Equipment offers only the best and most current hardware available in todays changing industry. Our Virtual Dedicated Server is completely backed up 3 times per week giving you peace of mind that if your website would ever become corrupt or crash, there is always a restore point to fall back on.


All of our hosting plans include up to 10 email accounts at no additional charge Please let us know if you require additional resources. Our Apache server includes Spam Assassin pre-installed which will help keep your SPAM folder at a minimum.


See below for pricing. All costs ate on an annual basis. We have the flexibility to pay quarterly if desired.


Cost Summery

Annual Web Hosting


Domain Name Registration


Annual Total


Add SSL "Secured Socket Layer" for E commerce


Optional Annual Total



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